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Konnie White Ancilias

We are proud to announce that Australian Champion Konnie White Ancilias (Imp SVK) and Australian Champion Rosamontana Ace of Diamonds (ANZAC) White Swiss Shepherds are expecting a litter of puppies around the 25th April 2018.

Both Mum and Dad have produced amazing puppies from their last litters which is why both kennels decided to breed together.

Both dogs are MDR1 clear, DM clear, have A/A hips and 0/0 elbows. Konnie and Anzac have gentle loving temperaments, and are true companions. These traits have been passed along to their puppies.


Rosamontana Ace of Diamonds (Anzac)

Follow Konnies progress over the next four weeks.........

4 weeks - Konnie with Madden

Konnie delivering wine with Mum, today

5 Weeks - Konnie relaxing with Dad

6 weeks - Relaxing by the pool

Konnie with Kaia - 7 weeks

Konnies x-ray lots of little puppies - Day 55

Konnie on lounge with Katarina - 7 weeks

Day 62

Konnies fat belly - Day 63

Konnie just before 1st Puppy is born

Konnie having pups

Konnie resting between giving birth to next puppy

Congratulations Konnie. Great job. 7 Puppies (4 Girls, 3 Boys)

Checkout the Family Album ANZAC Litter Tab to watch Puppies grow over the next 8 weeks

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