Due to popular demand we are proud to announce that our beautiful girl Fax Berger Blanc Avalanche (Storm) and Vastlynoble Kyus, White Swiss Shepherds are expecting a litter of puppies around the 15th October 2020.

Both Mum and Dad have produced amazing puppies from their last litter in October 2019.Both dogs are MDR1 clear, DM clear.

Storm and Kyus have gentle loving temperaments, and are true companions. These traits have been passed along to their puppies.

Vastlynoble KYUS

Fax Berger Blanc Avalanche (Storm)

Follow Storm's progress over the next four weeks.........

X-ray at 7 weeks

Stormie due any day

Congratulations Storm


Litter Born 15th October 2020

5 Girls, 1 Boy

Under "VASTLYNOBLE" (Bill Whalley and Jane McLean)  

Dam: Fax Berger Blanc Avalanche (Storm)     

Sire: Vastlynoble Kyus


All the family anxiously awaiting new puppies

Day 4 Mum and Puppies all doing well

In 4 days puppies have grown so fast

Even Dad (Kyus) is super excited

Mum taking a break from the kids, playing her favourite game of ring

Dads more interested in a belly rub then chasing the ring